Un au revoir à notre affection Doll réinventé la mode!

June 28, 2010

A fond goodbye to our Reimagined Fashion Doll!

As with every event, project, or documentation; our blog has to come to an end. But, take heart dear IFDCers, and remember it won’t be long before you will not only be able to see these divas in person – but you will also be able to BID on them. Just look for Jim’s auctions on this wonderful art created by your members.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you…Your blogmeister and fan of IFDC…Dot Festeu.

But, never fear! As we say farewell to this blog, we do have three lovelies to leave you with – those sent in by J’Amy Pacheco, RobsDolls,and a collaboration from Hilda Westervelt and Maryann Roy!  Here goes!


This year Jim Faraone sent out 80 of these “Back to Black” Natalie Fatale convention dolls and asked various doll artists to remake them and return them for a silent auction.

I received two of the dolls, and these are my makeovers.

They both recieved a full reroot, and enhanced facial paint. Clothing is by Mattel.

You can read all about Rob on his website and you can reach him by email if you are interested in his dolls.

J’Amy Pacheco

Inspired by Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Natalia has been made over in the likeness of the dark magic villainess, Maleficent. Maleficent, as the evil-doer who curses Princess Aurora to prick her finger on a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday, which ultimately results in her becoming one of the beloved Fairy Tale Princesses, the “Sleeping Beauty.”

j’Amy Pacheco has been making beautiful OOAK dolls for years, but I wasn’t sent any biographical information and could not find a website for this talented artist so we’ll have to be content with her picture and doll write-up. But you can email her direct if you are interested in her dolls or her work.

This Natalia is a collaboration between Hilda Westervelt of Bellissima Couture and Maryann Roy of Welcome Home furnishing.  Maryann  tamed Natalia’s wild hair into a sleek beehive and gave her beautiful dark blue eyes. She also created the fashionable Mid Century Modern teal apostrophe chair so Natalia will always sit in style.  As the owner of “Welcome Home” Furnishings in 1:6 scale,  Maryann designs and creates authentic furnishings and accessories for today’s most discerning fashion doll.   From Mid Century Modern Glamour to Neo-retro Design – it’s where your doll wants to be! Maryann is also a frequent contributor to Fashion Doll Quarterly  Magazine, and has been featured in magazines such as Haute Doll and American Miniaturist. Welcome Home furnishings is also the proud designer of sets and furnishings for Integrity Toys doll lines – “Where does YOUR doll Live”? Visit the Welcome Home website to view more!

Hilda outfitted Natalia in a silk brocade sheath in shades of blue and green with an elegant gold coat with vintage crystal accents.  Her outfit is finished off with a lavish necklace of Japanese Miyuki beads.  As the owner of “Bellissima Couture” Hilda provides beautiful clothing and accessories for your favorite 1/6 scale fashion dolls.  The style is classic, often inspired by vintage and retro fashion.  All garments are tailored to the doll and exquisitely finished. You can view more of Hilda’s work on her website or her store front located in the newest doll mall, Couture Doll Shops.

Une variété inclding la Porto Rico propre, une icône et même un imposter!

June 17, 2010
Puerto Rico’s own, an icon, and even an imposter!

Osvaldo Vazquez

Ruby Passion Sonia is wearing red, the color of the heart and the color of passion; both appropriate as she represents love.  My OOAK doll, Sonia was inspired by the passion and love that Jim puts into the convention. He puts his whole heart into making IFDC an enjoyable experience. not just for the collectors, but also to help make a difference in the lives of others through his charity auction for families affected by AIDS.

I decided to give Sonia softer, more sensuous curls, I relaxed her hair into soft waves, then removed her original paint, and gave her a more smoldering look with smoky eye shadow and deep red lips. Her dress is made of red satin accented with seed beads at the bodice. It is tightly fitted at the hips and then flares out dramatically at the bottom. She wears red hoop earrings with white accents. Sonia is my Puerto Rican beauty queen who lives an inspired life – passionate community activist by day, dazzling diva by night. Once she dances into your heart, you are forever changed.

Your artist is Osvaldo Vazquez, better known as Ovaz. I create OAAK designer fashions for Fashion Royalty and Barbie.  I have just recently started branching out into the “bigger girls” and creating designs for Avant Guards as well as Tonner dolls. I love designing clothes; I have had a passion for design ever since I was a teenager. I grew up in Puerto Rico. and dance is a large part of my culture, I loved to see the way fabric moves and flows on a woman’s body, I translate that into my miniature gowns for my dolls.  I enjoy the classics, but I also enjoy cutting edge designs that are futuristic; I like to try new styles and fabrics. I work with everything from sequins, beads and feathers, to satin, chiffon and vinyl. Sometimes I feel like an artist with his paints – only my paints are my fabric and my dolls are my canvas. I love to create beautiful things for others to enjoy, nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing or hearing about someone who is enjoying my dolls and or/designs. The world is full of so much beauty I want to be a part of focusing on that, to celebrate the goodness in life, to share my passion with others.

I will be at IFDC with my designs and look forward to connecting with my old friends as well as making new ones. In addition to my OOAK “Natalia” for the silent auction, I will also be presenting a new OOAK doll at the live charity auction at IFDC which benefits families affected by aids. This is a truly worthwhile cause. I am grateful that Jim gives both the doll artists and the collectors an opportunity to give back to the community. It is my hope that this year is a record breaker at raising funds for families affected by AIDS. I look forward to this happy reunion with my IFDC family. You can view more of Ovaz’ work on his website.

Johnny B.Good

My name is Johnny Primm; I submitted this Natalia as a collaboration witht\ Deb Buckner (disenchanted) and her daughter Jessica Hardman (Cozy Couture Crochet).  Our doll, Sophia, was made in tribute to great Italian actresses of the 50s/60s such as Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida.  I hand made Sophia’s dress and necklace; her hair was relaxed and re-styled in a Courtesan updo by Jessica.  Deb enhanced and sealed her eye paint and did the photos.  She carries a FR handbag.

I collected vintage Barbie from 1976 to 1986 when I sold the collection (keeping my favorite Midges) and moved to Northern Virginia. I started working with dolls again in the early 90s, buying interesting fashion dolls at yard sales and thrift shops, and decorating them in bizarre costumes that included such materials as mardi gras beads, plastic flies and paper mache. I began collecting Fashion Royalty in 2006, starting just before the 3rd Jason Wu convention in Baltimore. Once I arrived home with the convention line and several other purchases, I started designing actual clothing for the dolls. I hand sew and hand bead every outfit that I make. I’m still learning and enjoying the process.

Deb Buckner and Jessica Hardman have been working together since 1998.  They began making OOAK Barbies and selling them on eBay.  In 2000 they changed their venue to making over vintage Ooak Cabbage Patch dolls; 2007  brought another interest into they life though when they became interesting in Fashion Royalty dolls.  Jessica now produces alone, and Deb is happily retired and considers herself a doll collector.  They have attended many doll convention together over the years.  Jessica’s crochet work was featured in the Summer issue of  FDQ magazine.

France Briere

Callie is an FR Adele standing in for Natalia.  This doll is a complete repaint with piercing green eyes and plum lips.  She wears a white leather skirt and top with forest green tulle.  She elegantly wears black mesh gloves and stockings.  Her earrings and hair décor are Swarovski beads.

I am a French Canadian born in Quebec.  I had lots of different careers in my life from sales representative, legal secretary, fashion model, Flight Attendant for Air Canda, and even a flight instructor.  Then one day I discovered the world of doll repaint/makeover!  I have been doing my doll art for seven years and I am still enjoying every minute of it.  I also love to make doll jewelry and usually each of my creations come with their own OOAK jewelry set.  You can find out more about France by checking her out on eBay – ID “bijou”doll”, her About Me page on eBay, or on her website.

De Hollywood à la forêt……et quelque part entre!

June 1, 2010

From Hollywood to the Forest……and somewhere in between!


Juan chose to make a Sugar Plum Natalia. Her hair has been relaxed, and her face repainted and sealed. She wears an Exclusive limited gown, Sugar Plum by Dressmaker Details, high heel sandals in plum by Joe Tai, and Chandelier style earrings Juan made in sterling silver and black Swarovski beads.

Juan Albuerne lives in Spain. He began customizing dolls in 2000, and it was a long path till today, with many joys and a lot of friends who help him to develop his love for dolls, movies and painting. Juan became well known in the doll arena by customizing dolls into movie stars and singers using 12″ dolls such as Mattel’s Barbie and friends and Integrity/Jason Wu’s Fashion Royalty mainly. He won three times the Barbie Bazaar Crystal Award (2002, 2003 and 2004 in customizing Celebrities category), and is very proud of them because they were given by people voting, and that meant they liked Juan’s work

Lately, after his mother’s death, Juan felt down and had a hard time getting back to repaints. But he’s starting right now working on a completely new doll to him, Pullip. He’ll be doing them the same as before/ movie stars and singers are Juan’s focused work. By now, just a few know about this new work, but soon he will start to showing it on the forums and boards. Watch for these new dolls on his website, and Flickr.


Elisa elected to do two ensembles for two separate Natalias. One ensemble includes a silk dupioni mini-skirt and two layered bustiers which can be worn together or separately. A silk dupioni calf length coat in peach adds drama to the ensemble. To complete the look is a pair of black JoeTai boots and silver-tone earrings. The second ensemble features a silk two-tone dress in shades of teal with a brown faux suede belt and taupe jacket with mink collar and cuffs. Gold strappy sandals and gold flower earrings complete the look. All fashions are completely lined and have back snap closures.

Elisa Cetera first started sewing about 25 years ago in a high school home economics class–it quickly became a passion, and over the years she has continued to challenge herself to master a variety of sewing techniques. Elisa has been a member of SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America) for about the last 11 years, and has enjoyed taking many of their excellent classes during that time. She has also entered many of her heirloom sewing, smocked, and embroidered creations in the fair, as well as evening gowns and costumes. She has been honored to win many ribbons for her work including Best of Division, Judge’s Choice, and Sweepstakes. She Is a stay at home mom of three beautiful girls..

In October 2008, she was inspired by a friend, fashion doll designer Tallulahbelle, to try sewing for Barbie and other 11 1/2″ fashion dolls. As an only girl in a house full of boys, Barbie was a very good friend to her while she was growing up–and her friend’s work just amazed her enough to rekindle a long dormant devotion. Within months, she was selling her fashions.

In early 2009, she was approached by Doll Divas to create an exclusive design for their members. In July of 2009 she attended IFDC for the first time and enjoyed the opportunity to sell her designs in the showroom. Elisa especially loves to create evening wear, elegant day wear, and handknit sweaters. Her designs can be purchased through her website, Petra Elise Fashion Doll Couture, that resides on Main Street of a popular doll mall, Couture Doll Shops.


Dot created an OOAK fashion fairy with her Natalia. She felt her little fashonista would want her outfit made of more elite fabrics, not Forest faire, so her dress is made of pale green dupioni silk and ivory lace. It is accented with soft pink flowers, a gold rose button, and more lace which has been deconstructed. Her wings sparkle not so softly in a medium fuschia. Her hair was trimmed but she was not repainted as her current face suited this haughty fairy’s personality. Her chair is not included but serves to show a desireable pose she can strike. Dot had fun making her creation, and hopes whoever takes her home will enjoy her, too.

Dot Festeu is a hopeless romantic, collector of many beautiful things, and a true dollaholic who doesn’t want to be cured! Her goal is to provide doll couture, repaints, and OOAK dolls that are both innovative and fun, to blog, and to use any means at her disposal to promote both her work and the works of her fellow doll artists.

Dot happened on fashion dolls when one of her “regular” doll collecting friends told her about Gene – a doll that seemed to have been made to celebrate fashion! Dot had been relatively happy identifying and collecting dolls favored by girls during her childhood, although she never even had a Barbie as a girl! She simply had no interest in dolls growing up! When urged by Patsy Moyer and Bev Mitchell to attend the Modern Doll Convention where she could see fashion dolls she knew she had to go. And after meeting the likes of Jim Faraone, Mel Odom, and Robert Tonner, she was hooked on fashion dolls, too! She discovered so much during that convention – like repainting the dolls, making jewelry, doing hairstyles, and even making little hats and purses – that she found herself spending hours practicing these things when she got home. She also knew she had happened on the most friendly of doll collectors to date – years later, she knows she wasn’t wrong!

OOAKs and repaints remained her constants although she mainly made and sold them at conventions. In the last few years, she developed a desire to sew, and practiced doing online competitions. She really had fun when she became involved with Larraine Elcock’s Couture Doll Design Challenge, and today is the manager of that venue’s, Couture Doll Shops. Her store front that leads to her website, Dollenchantments, is located on CDS’ Main Street. In addition to maintaining this blog, she writes both the CDDC and CDS blogs, and is way behind in stocking her website – but plans to work on that this summer – so stay tuned!


Natalia, called Dragonfly, received an updo with micro braids spiraled on top, including tendrils to soften it. Some of her extended eyeliner was removed. Her outfit is inspired by Barbie’s vintage 1962 fashion ‘Dinner At Eight’, as well as Robert Tonner’s Peggy Harcourt ‘More Than You Can Chew’ outfit. It became a bit of a collaboration with Mary Barbato of Miniaturecouture in New York City. We met on the Doll Divas doll board and Mary provided some badly needed advice for someone who had not sewn doll clothes since Mom had taught her as a girl. Mary provided the two fabrics (to thankfully replace the two I had on hand), and custom created the pattern for Natalia’s fabulous coat for me.

The custom designed body suit in teal blue is of fine silk, with a silver dragonfly brooch accent at the center breast. It is lined in sheer black and has hook closures in the back. The big-collared, cap sleeve overcoat made from gorgeous, heavy bodied black lace, is gathered at the waist. It features another silver dragonfly at the center front waist where there is also a hook closure. Natalia also wears a pair of FR shoes, silver hoop earrings from Careless Love Dania Zarr’s outfit, and a black cuff bracelet from Monsieur Z.

When it comes to dolls Barbara Brock, of BBruceBrockDesign, never really wanted to stop playing with Barbies as a child. But, under peer pressure at age 14, she succumbed but picked it back up again in her 20’s during the 1980’s after meeting Robert Tonner. He has had a very big influence on how she has viewed collecting ever since. Having been away from it for quite awhile, during the last three years, Barbara has ramped up interest and focus on the dolls, both 12″ and 16″. Her first Fashion Royalty doll was a nude Dressing the Part Agnes when she debuted – it was a wonderful discovery!!! Although Barbara is not sure where collecting will bring her, she does want to focus on those creative skills and interests developed up to now, and loves the furniture!

Barbara holds a B.S. degree from NYU in International Business and Marketing, and worked at IBM for 18 years. After a career switch was yearned for, she began to pursue studying Interior Design at the New York School of Interior Design in NYC. She studied decorative painting with Andrea Tober at The Decorative Arts Studio in NC. Along the way, a wonderful and loving family was built, and many interests were continually pursued including upholstery, furniture refinishing, and working as a decorative artist in New York, North Carolina and Arizona. The most recent position she held as Decorative Painting Artist (now retired) with Finishes First, a decorative finishes team based in Tucson, AZ was the best ‘job’ ever! It could be considered a culmination of everything she loves to do creatively in life to that point. It included applying a wide range of finishes to walls, columns, furniture, cabinets, ceilings, both indoors and out. These finishes went from basic two-color glazing, to antiquing, applying lime slag (for which you need very strong muscles) and reactive plaster. Here is the Finishes First website: owner, Patricia Swanson.

You’ll mainly find Barb on Doll Divas and Prego, and she is planning on a sales table at this year’s IFDC – her first convention since 1987! ‘It is a fun journey getting back into the doll world and I am excited about meeting many other collectors and artists, as well as playing among all the creative avenues collecting provides! Both of my sons are avid artists – I find great joy in seeing their creative endeavors develop, and am very blessed to have a husband who is supportive of my love for dolls (to a point, LOL)!’ See more of Barbara’s work on her website, and you can always email her,

Le contemporain, la fantaisie, les reracines et le flamenco prennent le stade de centre!

May 23, 2010
Contemporary, whimsy, reroots, and flamenco take center stage!

Jacqueline, Confection Dolls, is mainly just a reroot artist, but decided to push herself a little bit and do a little more. Natalia has received a full reroot in auburn chatty saran doll hair. Her eyeshadow has been removed and eyebrows repainted, her eyelashes have also been removed for a much more subtle look. The dress was made of silk dupioni, and then the outfit was paired with some red and gold jewelery and a pair of red slingbacks. Jacqueline is no longer making ooaks but was able to make this one for the convention.  If by chance anyone is interested in reroots, they can email Jacqueline.

My best friend in the whole world (my wife Michele) started out this long journey of Fashion Doll collecting and remakes way back when we lived in Tucson, Arizona. Let me go back just a little further… Michele actually started making clothes for her Barbie’s when she was a little girl. Now, back to Tucson… She belonged to a Barbie Club with Dorothy Fannin. In 2001, at the Barbie Convention in Denver, Dorothy introduced Michele to a gentleman named Jim Faraone. Michele has attended and participated in the IFDC every year since the first one in Texas. She has so much love for the Convention and the things she’s gotten involved with, that she convinced me to start participating the second year. She enjoys remaking dolls, and was the first artist that I noticed with the IFDC that used animals with her dolls in a scene.  If you are interested in Michele’s work, contact her.


Natalia Fatale is dressed by Rosalie Schwartz in “Flamenco”, an evening gown of coral silk chiffon with full circle skirt and asymmetrical hemline. It has been embellished with black French lace, and she is wearing jewelry also made by Rosalie consisting of a necklace, earrings and bracelet of black Swarovski beads, freshwater pearls, and tiny gold filled flowers. Natalia’s lips and nails have been enhanced by Debbie Diaz to match Rosalie’s ensemble, and Debbie also straightened and restyled Natalia’s hair in an elaborate braided hairdo with long ponytail to reflect the Spanish style.

Although Rosalie has created jewelry in this scale, this is the first time she has created an outfit for the 11 1/2″ size, and this is also Debbie’s first experience working in this scale. The shoes accompanying the outfit are modified Jennifer Sue shoes that are available, along with other styles for all sizes, at Jennifer Dolls. Debbie and Rosalie are both graduates of the Fashion Institute of Technology, having majored in Illustration and Fashion Design. This is their first collaboration. Examples of Rosalie’s jewelry for all sizes can be seen at Chicdoll.  Debbie has written articles for Haute Doll and Doll News magazines. They both live and work in New York City.
Meet VALENCIA!  Valencia is a dream inspired beauty that reflects a sense of whimsy with the sexiness of a spanish senorita!  When the opportunity came for me to redo Natalia, I couldn’t be more excited! Here was a new aspect of the doll art path .. a way of creating an ENTIRE doll art instead of just the hair! I realize that I am at the beginning of this journey in the doll world and so look forward to seeing where it leads. It is my hope and goal that the small contributions that I make to the art aspect of the dolls will be a blessing to the receiver and a reflection of the joy I feel in doing it.

The reroot came first. I LOVED the color black on this doll but wanted her to have the soft curls of mohair so dyed and rerooted her in premium mohair. Then came the outfit.  My love of fiber and sense of whimsy.. well.. as you can see overruled my original thought of doing her elegant! I was reading Corrie Ten Boom one afternoon and got the urge to draw “Valencia”.. starting with the base dress of felted wool, I suddenly sketched in the mohair locks and added the natural flowers/vines beading.. I feel that God led this and so I followed!  Valencias dress is felted wool with custom dyed mohair locks adding flair to the hemline. I then hand beaded glass and crystal beads throughout the dress using the thread to add random patterning to add a bit of unexpected. Finding shoes was the hardest. I couldn’t find any FR or silkstone shoes in the colors I wanted. So tiny kitty lost a pair of hers. I filed the heel off to shorten the shoes, added beads and thread and “voila” .. cute shoes to match were created!

Last to be addressed was the face. All the handling of the head during the mohair reroot had warped her eyelashes so off they came! I then decided to enhance her face adding new eyelashes, deepening her eye color, painting eye liner and feathering her eyebrows. Finally, I repainted her lips in a mauve that would tie her face to the purple in her outfit.. lightening the color a touch, I redid her nails. Lastly, I sealed all of the repainted areas with a matte sealer and reattached her head. FINISHED!  Working on Natalia/Valencia has been a throughly enjoyable experience for me and I thank you for the opportunity! Through this, I have taken the next step on the journey of the art dolls and look forward to creating more OOAK dolls in the years ahead.

For most of my adult life, I ran a daycare/preschool for 12 hours a day out of our home to support my son and I. All those years of bright colors and imagination influenced my future as a fiber artist! The last year of my child business, my body started shutting down with heavy fatigue and pain. God is good and during that time introduced me to the world of textile fiber so that I would have a new way of making income and enjoying life.  Originally starting out in felting wool, I soon received requests to make mohair for reborn dolls. Soon I was dyeing and combing mohair not only for the reborn artists.. but also for the fashion doll. When I was first approached to do a reroot for a collector, I was intimidated but I now am blessed with being able to make mohair wigs, dredlocks, and do reroots.  To see what Carolyn has to offer, visit The Flying Ewe or contact her via email.

Treillis métallique, beauté naturelle, les contes de fées, et KatSilk s’harmonisent à merveille!

May 13, 2010
Metal mesh, natural beauty, fairy tales, and KatSilk combine beautifully!


For my  Natalia reimagined, I chose to keep the doll true to her Egyptian roots with a nod to the richness of gold in her ancient world. Her eye shadow reminded me of the colors of the Nile, and I wanted to mirror those green/blue colors in her dress. The result was this dress of gold-toned metal mesh with a front panel of iridescent colors that flow from green to deepest blue. The panel falls directly from a jeweled necklace displaying the symbol of the Oracle, the all-seeing eye. I have added jewelry with reserve in the form of simple gold bangle bracelets on her arms and iridescent bits to her golden shoes. For the crowning touch, I decided to keep the original shape and fullness of her outrageous hairdo, adding a simply head band to mimic the effect of an ancient Egyptian headress. I’ve named the doll Golden Rose of the Nile and, like her signature flower, I see her as a beautiful rarity.

Barb Johnson might be better known for her custom crafted mini cocktails than for her OOAK dolls and fashions. The 1:6 world has been a favorite playground for many years. But since 2007 she’s been experimenting in metal mesh, creating dollie fashions in the mode of Paco Rabanne’s early styles of the 60’s and 70’s. And her IFDC contribution this year is another in a line of these jewel-like fashions.

As the third generation in a family of tailors, Barb came by her fashion sense in a natural way. Sewing clothing for herself and her dolls by the age of ten, she was very comfortable with construction techniques by the time she entered college. But it was in her undergrad years at the Institute of Design that Barb’s visual senses were truly honed. Core programs at the ID emphasized experimentation in all variety of materials and production methods, and Barb gained a wealth of knowledge from the hands-on approach.

As a post grad, Barb drew upon her experiences with visual design and her knowledge of photography to begin a successful career as a Stylist for catalog photography in Chicago. She has been at the head of her own small business corporation for the past 30 years where she offers design and styling services to fashion clients across the US. And, she is not ashamed to admit… some of those old Barbie doll photos in the Sears catalogs of the 70’s were styled by Barb J! Barb says: “I am truly honored to be asked to contribute to this fundraising auction. I love the concept of re-imagining, and can’t wait to see the entire group.” You can contact Barb to talk dolls.


Ynez is an OOAK repaint of FR Back to Black Natalia. I wanted Ynez to be a little less ‘glam’ and more classic (with a bit of ‘sassy’ thrown in). Her hair was relaxed and trimmed, then clipped back with one tiny butterfly clip for a more manageable ‘do’.
It’s been a gazillion years since I’ve sewn for anything this small, but I managed to adapt a basic Barbie pattern for Ynez’s little black dress. The homemade earrings & necklace, and the redesigned Barbie shoes added a touch of gold to complement the subtle beading on her swingy black dress. I hope you like her

I am first and foremost a horsewoman, raising and training Thoroughbred racehorses along with my husband for almost 40 years, I’m also a lifelong artist. Fashion dolls are a more recent outlet for my artistic energies, and I really love working on these beautiful dolls. I was introduced to drawing by my artist father at an early age, and sketching realistic horses (talent is genetic!) before kindergarten. As a high school and college English/Art major, I showed locally, and in the late 60’s, I trained at Cleveland’s Cooper School of Commercial Art. In the early 70’s I left my job as a Promotion Artist forThe Cleveland Plain Dealer to pursue a career assisting my Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer husband in breeding, training and racing our stable of Thoroughbreds, and to raise our family.

Over the years, I’ve kept a hand in the art world by doing occasional commissioned portraits (mainly equine) and dabbling in varied media and styles including totally computer-generated art.
My most recent field of interest is OOAK (one of a kind) Fashion Doll Repaints! The genesis of my OOAK career was sparked by happy accident in April of 2006 when, as I browsed eBay in search of something ‘Barbie-ish’ for our granddaughter’s birthday, I discovered the world of OOAK repainted 16″ fashion dolls. My first thought: “Wow – I can do that!” I began repainting and selling Genes and Tonner dolls in May of 2006, and I’ve been working at it (with the help, encouragement and support of a few wonderful and very special friends in the doll community), as time allows, ever since. You may view my work at DesignsbyDonna.


Back to Black Natalia Fatale takes her turn as a fairy tale princess to honor this year’s IFDC and The Wonderful World of Dizzy! Natalia was completely repainted and restyled to become “SinDerella” – a sultry, scheming, and sometimes edgy little princess – one which you never, ever want to turn your back on! She wears a limited production party dress in steel blue ‘paper silk’ by Thailand designers; T.D.Fashions. Her “glass” slippers are clear with glitter in a tap-shoe Maryjane style. She arrives to the ball with tiny rhinestone stud earrings, a black ribbon choker and her little “gold” crown from Mattel toys (not affiliated with). ‘SinDerella’ will be arriving in her original, labeled collector box with a stand and COA.

A little about me … My name is Vin Trapani and art has always been a huge part of my life. From the time I could use a crayon I colored, created books, comic strips, and illustrated short stories -any form of expression an eight-by-ten sketch pad could afford me. Art in school developed into art as a living. I attended Paier College of Art, as well as Albertus Magnus College, both in New Haven, Connecticut and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and minored in illustration. Inking backgrounds in comic book pages of Marvel Comics and Archies Comics was my first foray into the professional world of art/illustration during summers while attending college. Since then, I’ve worked with publishers, with commercial art studios in NYC, and with toy design firms doing story boards and visual concept boards. After 17 years and my fill of the fast-paced advertising and graphics field where everything went electronic and much of the hands on creative process (for me) was lost; I decided teaching others my love of art was what I wanted. So, back to college and the life of a grad-student this time around! After two plus years of college and a semester of student teaching, I have come full circle, but instead of the student, I am the teacher, and enjoying every minute.

During a work hiatus in the summer of 2004, my career took another turn. This time, into the world of fashion dolls and their tiny 3-dimensional canvases. Though, not a huge collector/hobbyist of dolls at the time – I took a commission to repaint the face of a Gene doll. Having never tried this type of art work previously in a professional arena, I was a bit apprehensive but had the blessing and complete trust of the collector/doll shop owner.
With the doll completed and the customer pleased; I breathed a huge sigh of relief! I had crossed over to a career I had never dreamed existed and have not put the brush down since! This world of fashion doll repainting has afforded me opportunities never imagined. I have met people from all over the world from Japan to Australia or from Miami to Italy – they have all been wonderful! I have made life-long friends whom I enjoy chatting with nearly every week and the few times we get together in person is as exciting as the first day we ever spoke. In retrospect; this hobby has expanded my love of collecting into my art career – and my art into doll collections all over the world!
You can see my work at my Repaint Studio.


My vision for transforming Natalia, was all in white.  With her dark skin, I thought the contrast would be wonderful.  I gave her a complete reroot with a gorgeous platinum white quality KatSilk hair that is super long  and super straight.  I pulled her hair up in a high haute couture ponytail, wrapped it, and attached a white bow.  Her hair can be worn loose and sexy if desired.  For  her gown  I created a white, stretch, ruched body hugging dress with curled white tulle and Swarovski crystals details.  Her jewelry consists of a single pearl strand with magnetic closure, and little pearl earrings.  Now she is ready for the runway, or perhaps she will be a bride.

I  design and create doll fashions and jewelry for the elite fashion doll collector.  My fashions have sold all over the world to many happy customers..  Prior to starting my doll fashion design business, I have spent many years as an artist in California where I was trained.  I deal primarily in oil painting and have shown my work successfully.in Art Galleries, and competitions.  I have always been interested in fashion design, sewing and sketching.    I  have  sewn from an early age, beginning with sewing classes, and making a lot of my own clothes. I made outfits for my daughter’s various school plays, such as Annie productions at Pepperdine Universityamd Thousand Oaks Civic Plaza.  Doll collecting, designing and making fashions for dolls is my main passion today as well as designing adult fashions.

On my website I offer a wide range of doll fashion designs, from glamorous gowns to haute couture separates, and fun fashions such as Victorian Goth and Fantasy.  I specialize in  beaded glamorous gowns for 16 in. fashions dolls such as Tyler, Sydney, Brenda, Sybarites, Deva  and other similar sized dolls.  I am presently work on  new designs  for  various BJDs.  I take commissions for custom orders, and do reroots.  One of   my most challenging commissioned work was making the “Half Breed” outfit for Sybarite thatCher wore in her 70’s videos.  My inspiration for fashion comes from everywhere – music,  gardens, nature, books, magazines, movies and dreams.   I  particularly love musicals and  Hollywood glamour, glitter and mystery  from the 30’s to 50’s era and Parisian, Milan Haute Couture.  I love working with beautiful  fabrics that feel sensual to the touch, imported lace, luxurious satins that flow like liquid on your skin, chiffon, pearls, crystals, and ostrich feathers that I  incorporates into my designs.  This world of dolls and fashions is an absolute fantasyland in which I can get lost and dream in.  I believe in perfection, detail and quality!  To contact please e-mail or visit my website.

La repeinture, le Paon, la Garde-robe – Natalia fait Narnia!!

May 4, 2010
Repaint, Peacock, Wardrobe – Natalia does Narnia!?!


Natalia received a full repaint—steel grey eyes, and smokey shadow, featuring peach sorbet lips. She also received a full reroot in raven black, and red red wine saran hair.  Her dress is an eggplant metallic stretch lace with a velvet and embroidered ribbon corset.  She is wearing OOAK jewelry–earrings, necklace and bracelet by Shiloh Winter Jewelry (a collaboration with Laurie’s daughter..)

Laurie Lenz holds a Bachelor degree in Graphics and Photography, and was trained at Drexel University, and Moore College of Art and Design. She has worked in the music business on the art end creating album cover designs, photography, t-shirts, promotional packages, and one of a kind portraits. She has also worked as an Art Director and Graphic Artist for an international toy company, Tyco Toys, in the Product Graphics Department, and was involved with the graphics for several of Disney’s Little Mermaid doll line of products.

In 2005, after many years of struggling with medical problems that made pregnancy seem out of reach, her husband’s malignant melanoma, and skyrocketing medical bills, in order to keep the family afloat, she sold her entire line of  heirloom vintage Barbies believing that when God closes a door, He always opens a window – and he did! Through that she discovered the work of Laurie Everton of the Barbie Canvas, and the magical world of repainting! Laurie Everton, and Lisa Gates answered a million questions, and Laurie got several books by Jim Faraone from the library, and dove in head first. Since then, she’s living a dream, and the culmination of all the things she loves about art, fashion, photography and dolls!

Laurie is blessed to have been featured in Haute Doll Magazine, and Fashion Doll Quarterly.  She is also a member of Metrodolls, and will soon join the ranks of the newest online doll mall, Couture Doll Shops. Laurie loves dolls, photography, repainting, rerooting, making doll couture, doll jewelry, and designing wigs for dolls.  Her great joy is working with her 15 yr old daughter, Shiloh, of Shiloh Winter Jewelry.  You can find Laurie Lenz’ work at ANGELS Doll Studio


Sarafina is presenting “MAYA”.   The colours of this creation/makeover have been inspired by “Mayuri” (meaning Peacock).  MAYAs hair has been pulled back in to a ponytail and had small braids done to be finally arranged into a semi updo and ponytail style. She has on a sari created from a teal green sequin fabric (that are stitched onto a net background) and lined in a teal blue fabric.  The skirt section of the sari fans out at the back just as you would expect with the peacock’s.

The top “choli” is a halter neck piece.  The sari can be worn with “palou” (wrap which is attached) draped from front to back or back to front. Beaded flower accents have been added to help keep gathers/pleats in place. Final touches include a “Bindi” for forehead (one stuck and one removable), earrings, bracelet and open-toe sandals. Small henna details have been added to bellybutton and tips of fingers (but have not been sealed).  Now MAYA is all set to attend her own Bollywood Premiere.

My name is Safina Mahmood and I have been sewing as a hobby since the age of nine.  I started sewing for dolls, moved on to humans and even started creating some soft furnishings. I returned to my love of sewing for dolls for my daughter a few years back which lead to me meeting a wide range of wonderful doll collectors all over the world via the Internet. I was also lucky enough to have been selected to participate in the first Project Dollway, and I now try to find every free opportunity to create for a range of dolls.  My doll collection ranges from the small Bratz to… Silkstone Barbie/Fashion Royalty dolls… to Tyler/Sydney/Matt/Antoinette and Sybarites… a vinyl ABJD… right upto Tonners 22″ AM.  I have yet to create a website but occasionally sell on eBay under user ID: mini_designer_fashions and can be contacted by email.


Pauline’s BW Designs presents “A Blue Romance” OOAK Giftset featuring the re-imagined Back to Black Natalia.   The doll herself has had a hot water treatment to tame the long curly hair, a bit of a trim and then rolled into three buns for a courtly look. The face make up has not been changed. Pauline says some people like their dolls to wear gowns, some people like their dolls to wear lingerie!  She created a two-piece gown, and she also has her favourite lingerie (bra, bloomers and bed jacket) to change into later! Her earrings are blue rhinestones and necklace is a cameo choker, all adding to a vintage feel along with her parasol and handmade shoes.

Pauline Lyngard is the designer behind B/W Designs.  She is married lady with no children who loves to spoil her three Italian Greyhounds and one diva of a Lilac Point Siamese cat.  Her main job is working as a payroll technician, but she has done several jobs including being a licensed Esthetician, and has even worked in the fashion/modeling industry. Her doll “job” since 2003 has been as a fabric artist that uses dolls as her “canvas”.  In her opinion, “Texture is more important than color, and my work focuses on that concept.”  She had the pleasure of designing for and acting as chairperson for her doll club’s mini-conference held March 2009. She has participated in online competitions including the Projects Dollway and Couture Doll Design Challenges and is a proud member of the newest online doll mall,  Couture Doll Shops.  Pauline loves what she does because it allows her to stretch her designing skills in a public forum.

Les blonds, les brunettes, noires et blanches ET bling – WOWZA!!

April 26, 2010
Blondes, brunettes, black & white, AND bling – WOWZA!!

Brenda Cox Giguere has two primary interests: design and writing. These activities have come together, and now her doll fashion projects often center around the life, times, and wardrobe of a fictional muse, the heiress Reverie Larke. This multimedia world includes everything from Brenda’s suspense novel, Regarding Reverie, to that same glamorous character’s fashions, accessories, and furnishings.

 Brenda’s work has been seen in Barbie Bazaar, Fashion Doll Quarterly, and Doll Reader. She occasionally sells ultra limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces, and regularly contributes her dolls and accessories to a variety of charitable venues.  Outside of her longtime work in media production, Brenda’s other interests are numerous, and include creating original paper dolls; collecting midcentury costume jewelry; moderating several hobby groups online, and designing art jewelry.

Recently she was invited by the Oakland Museum of California to design and create a diorama for their new permanent installation, “Forces of Change: 1960-1975,” one of only twenty-four people given this honor.  Her diorama features many pieces of personal ephemera of the period, as well as her original artwork, arranged to create an evocative narrative.

Brenda’s Natalia is a striking platinum blonde via a permanently-fixed high quality Japanese wig. Her makeup has been given an entirely different look, including vastly altered eye shadow, new brows, aqua eyes, new liner, and retouched lip color. Her long golden earrings are from Integrity.  This unique doll comes with an entire Mix and Match Resort Wardrobe for a glamorous weekend at Monte Carlo. These pieces can be infinitely combined and recombined for the ultimate in high fashion creative fun.  Included: a long slim silk skirt in dramatic color bands in hot colors; a silk mini in multicolored stripes; a deep navy glittery knit halter; white glazed cotton Capri slacks; a strapless top in fine gauge gold silk; metallic gold shawl; red silk midriff top with back bow interest, and an easy gold knit jacket that can be dressed up or down.

 This original wardrobe combines East Indian exoticism with an easy Mediterranean flair. Included are several of Brenda’s signature handbags: the amazingly detailed striped overnighter and handbag set with leather and 14K gold trim (as seen in Doll Reader); an oversized red beach tote (stuffed with tiny bathing shorts!); a gold mesh tote; and a furry faux leopard clutch.  A chain belt is included, and can be worn at the waist, hips, or as a necklace. Dark glasses complete the wardrobe.

 For more information, including more photographs of these striking outfits, please see the designer’s website.  And get to know the artist at her Arts and Letters blog.


Natalia Fatale, “Midnight Moon,” is made over as a vision in black. She has had a repaint, and a lovely removable wig has been added. The evening dress is made of silk with tulle of black, grey and white on the bottom, and features snap closures at the back The tulle and armlets have swarovski rhinestones, and the jewelry is made of swarovski crystals. The hat, along with the dress, have free style crystals that match the cut on the bottom of the tulle. Her shoes are ooak white platforms with black and crystal rhinestones. She is ready for her midnight date.
Pamela Sydow created this “Midnight Moon” Natalia OOAK for the 2010 IFDC. She started working on dolls eight years ago, and has had a great time working on them and learning new things. As a hobby, it is fun. Pam enjoys everything – styling the hair, repainting their faces, designing the outfits, and just creating a new “look” for each doll. She really never knows what one of her creations will become when she starts out. They just come together as each stage is completed. She hopes you like “Midnight Moon”. You can email Pam of Doll Jazz directly if you are interested in her dolls


Karen’s Natalia Fatale, “Defiance,” is turning heads in a smoky blue metallic fabric gown. Original face paint is untouched.  Her hair was trimmed into a  ragged, wispy cut – the perfect “defiant” look. She is wearing a paneled, ruched, halter  style gown with a single snap closure at the back of the neck It features dangling glass beads, and the gown panels open up with revealing slits to show her lovely legs. Open toe, decorated heels, and a headband complete the outfit.

Karen has been sewing and designing doll fashions for the past nine years under the name of Kolkman Kreations.   She started sewing Barbie clothes from patterns for her step daughter who is now past playing with Barbies while Karen is definitely not! She learned how to cut her own patterns and designs, and continues her love of sewing part time while being a stay at home mom. She moved quickly from Barbie to Fashion Royalty.  In the last two years she has added 16″ dolls to her collection and designs. She also enjoys photography, and in her endeavor to create the perfect background, has a huge collection of diorama items. And her designs also include some doll furniture along with sewing bed linens. Her sales room and pictures of past designs can be found on her website.


Bonnie is from Boulder, CO, and is new to fashion dolls, but definitely not new to dolls. She has done porcelain dolls for over 20 years. But one day she just got tired of making babies and children. She loves her dolls to be dressed up, and found it fun to design for such a pretty doll as Natalia Fatale.

Bonnie was in a contest called Project Dollway II where she had fun, and plans on continuing with the fashionable lady dolls. She doesn’t have a website, but should you care to talk dolls with Bonnie, send her an email.

Fleurs et la frange-une combinaison de réussite!

April 16, 2010
Flowers and fringe – a winning combination!
De Vinyl

Natalia Fatalé is specially created as Aidoru* concept and OOAK doll for the IFDC. Following all the recent drama, the “La Fatalé” travelled to Paris in 2010 and met a famous artist (only known as “DeVinyl”) at a cocktail party and allowed him to create a new “look” for her. Inspired by opera, The Mikado, “La Fatalé” was transformed by DeVinyl  into a modern, East-West fusion of a fashion étoile and a Japanese “aidoru” for the “brand new look and a brand new attitude” campaign of the “Fatalé Cosmetics”.
The base doll had a face-paint makeover and has been dressed in an authentic, handmade, 1/6-scaled modern Japanese kimono. This is DeVinyl’s first OOAK attempt. *In Japanese  culture, idols or “aidorus” are (usually female) media personalities who regularly appear in the mass media (e.g. as singers, bit-part actors, TV personalities, models in photo spreads published in magazines, advertisements, etc). The idol phenomenon began during the early seventies, reflecting a boom in Japan for the musician Sylvie Vartan in the French film “Cherchez l’idole” in 1963.
DeVinyl is a finance analyst by day and a wannabe “graphic artist” by night.   He collects fabulous dolls, and hopes to one day quit his day job to work with his fairy godfather Alain Tremblay of Integrity Toys.  To learn more about DeVinyl and his other projects, you can follow him on Twitter (crypto2000) or view his works, including Aidoru Natalia, on Flickr (DeVinyl2000).
Mary Ann Daughdrill

 Mary Ann is best known in the doll world as MAD.  She has been collecting since 1996, and began with Vintage Barbie.   As soon as the Silkstone Barbie was released she was hooked!  Since then she has branched out into Fashion Royalty and really love them most because of the articulation -but admits vintage Barbie  will always have her heart. 

She began MAD Doll Stands because she couldn’t stand “normal” doll stands messing up the clothes or just plain being in the way.  Read all about thse stands here:  www.madaboutb.com

Mary Ann loves OOAK dolls, and is finding it amazing to see the different things people arfe doing with the same doll.  She thinks this was a GREAT idea for IFDC, and is so glad she got to be a part of it!

Un diva peut quelquefois utiliser un compagnon

April 10, 2010
A diva can sometimes use a companion

Kerri Pajutee

This is my first time doing a makeover in 1:6 scale, as I usually work in 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale.  My expertise is OOAK animal sculpture, which I add realistic fur coats to.  Lately, I have branched out to 1:6 scale animals and wanted to give this Natalia a big furbaby companion — a Cheetah.  The cheetah was created by hand in polymer clay over wire armature, then fired in the oven, painted with acrylics and finally a fiber coat was applied using natural alpaca flocking. His spots are detailed in Fabrico fabric inks.

I love the features on this doll and wanted to keep her as simple as possible, showing off her natural beauty.  I gave her a relax boil perm with conditioner and a bit of a trim to her hair. Her gown was fashioned in an Egyptian-inspired, sheer, off-white fabric, set off with a black shawl and gold earrings.

I do have a website – but most of it is dedicated to my scale miniature animals. I do own a few Fashion Royalty dolls and a half dozen BJDs live in my private collection, and I have lots of fun ‘playing with my girls’ when I get a chance to make a new outfit or pet for them.

Un peu de thé; un petit rodéo! ?!

April 1, 2010

A little tea; a little rodeo!?!

Kelsie Aman & Dawn Anderson

“Late for Tea” is an OOAK collaborative creation by fashion artist, Kelsie Aman and doll artist, Dawn Anderson. Natalia Fatale first took a trip to Dawn’s studio where she received a full facial repaint with quality acrylics and sealers. Working with just an idea of what the finished doll would look like, Dawn used a subtle, more serene palette with a range of colors that would give a softer, more innocent look while still retaining this doll’s natural smoldering beauty. When Dawn finished the doll she now had blue eyes and lips of raspberry sorbet; lips that were lifted in a slightly mysterious smile. Soft wisps of hair were added at the existing hairline, and all features were sealed for longevity.

Natalia then flew to Kelsie’s fashion studio where she was fitted from head to toe for an amazing OOAK fantasy costume. Her full mane of black hair was styled into an intricate Marie Antoinette type coif and adorned with whimsical pieces straight from a garden tea party! Kelsie’s inspiration definitely came from her love of tea parties and from her being a big fan of the story of Alice in Wonderland. She sees this Avant Garde gown as being her interpretation of Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd) meeting the Mad Hatter. Its deeper jewel tones are interesting; not at all the softer pastels most people would associate with a garden tea party – but that’s the way Tim Burton-like characters often develop! These jewel tones speak to the night rather than the day – thus explaining her “Late for Tea” title!

Kelsie’s fashions are sold under the name of Mutant Goldfish Designs and doll artist, Dawn Anderson is available at One Sixth Sense aka OSS. A full color OSS/MGD certificate of authenticity will accompany this OOAK work of doll art. Both Kelsie and Dawn wanted to say “Thank you, Jim, for allowing both OSS and MGD to take part in this delightful project for IFDC’s charity auction!” Be sure to check out their websites for additional pictures of their reimagined Natalia as well as their other delightful offerings.

Vicky Lujan-Gibbs

Vicky is a beginner designer. She has learned a lot from many wonderful designers, and is still learning. She currently is ” in training” to make her own patterns. A country girl at heart, Vicky loves the rodeo and Professional Bull Riding. It isn’t a surprise then that she loves to make jeans for all her dolls. But for IFDC she thought jeans may not be appropriate, so she decided to make Natalia a nice pair of slacks with a top. To make the doll unique, she took all her hair out, and replaced it with wigs. I say wigS because along with the wig cap, two wigs will accompany Natalia when she goes home – one in black and on in carrot red. Vicky wants to thank Jim for letting her do this as a beginner, and hopes whoever bids on her will enjoy her. Be sure to visit Vicky’s website for more of her creations.